Wash Club Perks

May 10, 2018

Have you tried out our new Wash Club App yet? If not, it’s time to Download it because you’re missing out! The Wash Club app with Xpress Car Wash makes keeping your car clean easier than ever and it comes with a number of new perks! Here are a few reasons why downloading the Wash Club app will be the best decision you make today. Your car will thank you!
Add Your Whole Family to the Club
If your children are driving, the Wash Club app can be the perfect gift or even just a great way to make sure the car you pay for stays clean! With the Wash Club app, you can add an unlimited number of cars to your account and manage everything right from a smart phone!

Changing Cars? No Problem!
Keep that new car smell for as long as possible! With the Wash Club app, you are able to transfer your wash package easily to your new vehicle from your mobile device. Just enter your new auto information and VOILA!

No More Windshield Tags!
That’s right! Download the Wash Club app and you can remove the Xpress Car Wash tag from your windshield. When you’re ready to wash, simply pull up to the gate, and our license plate recognition software will automatically match your vehicle to your account!

Need to upgrade your Package? Easy Fix!
Manage your wash packages right from your phone with the Wash Club app! Car needing a deeper clean lately? Just upgrade your wash package from your mobile device, and the system will update automatically! No need to call or stop by the wash to get things changed over.

Find a Location Near You
On the other side of town and in need of a wash? We’ve got you covered! With the Wash Club app, you can easily find an Xpress Car Wash Location near you!