Summer Car Care

Jun 11, 2018

Summers are always dangerously hot down here in the South, and those high temperatures can take a toll on your vehicle. There are steps that vehicle owners can take to prevent damage and make driving safer during the dog days of summer and those long summer road trips.

Check your Coolant System before getting on the road.

It’s very important for the life of your vehicle to make sure your coolant system is in good shape for the summer, as it keeps your vehicle from overheating. Make sure your coolant fluid level is full, and take a moment every few weeks to check the hoses to be sure there are no leaks and that the hoses are firm.

Check your air conditioner and air filters.

This summer, you will likely be running the A/C on full blast. To be sure your A/C stays running through October, it’s important to remove and replace your air filter to prevent dust and dirt buildup that clogs the system. You can also go the extra mile and clean the condenser coils of the A/C system, which ensures the air you feel is cold.

Clean your battery.

Having a dirty battery during the summer heat can drastically shorten the life of your car battery. This puts you at risk for becoming stranded in the summer heat. That’ll put a damper on any vacation. Cleaning the battery can be easy. Just mix a little baking soda and water together, and scrub the battery terminals with the solution and a small cleaning brush (like a toothbrush).

Inspect your hoses and belts.

The warmer temperatures will cause your belts to expand, putting strain on and possibly damaging the material. Look for cracking or fraying in the material to determine if you need to have them replaced before your next trip.

Check your windshield wipers and replace, if necessary.

Hot summer days in the South mean spontaneous afternoon showers. Be sure that you’re prepared for the downpour with fresh wipers.

Get your vehicle cleaned and waxed.

A combination of heat, dirt, pollen and other forms of debris can be harmful to the exterior of your vehicle. Be sure to have your vehicle cleaned often, and have it waxed regularly to protect your paint from UV damage. At Xpress Car Wash, you can have your vehicle cleaned every day for one low monthly price! The Xpress Everything and Xpress Platinum Washes include a hot wax, ensuring your vehicle’s paint job stays shiny through the hot summer months.