Xpress Car Wash

Why Choose Xpress Car Wash?
Why Choose Xpress Car Wash?

Xpress Car Wash provides a convenient and affordable way for you to keep your vehicle looking like new. Our state-of-the-art facility uses the industry’s top equipment to give your car a thorough wash, wax and dry. And, our monthly packages give you the flexibility to visit our locations daily for one low monthly price.

Check out Xpress Car Wash today and get your car looking clean, shiny and dry.

Dual Belt

Conveyor System

The Xpress Car Wash dual belt system lets you navigate your car with ease. No need to worry about lining up your car perfectly or scratching your wheels!


Loading Screen

The Xpress Car Wash LED loading screen gives you step by step instructions when driving your car into the wash. With the LED loading screen, you can drive into any Xpress Car Wash location with confidence.


Glass Structure

At Xpress Car Wash there’s no need to worry about a dark, dingy car wash tunnel. Our innovative glass structure gives you a 360-degree view of the world outside, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.


Arch Equipment

Xpress Car Wash only uses the best in car wash equipment. The Tommy Wash circular arch equipment is built to keep you and your vehicle safe while providing extraordinary cleaning power.

Slip Stream

Paint Protection

Xpress Car Wash uses a Slip Stream Protective Wax during the Xpress Platinum Wash which provides paint protection from UV radiation and other environmental contaminants. So, your car will stay SHINY much longer!

Water Reclaiming


Xpress Car Wash washes an entire car in 3 minutes using just 9 gallons of water. That’s an average of 33 gallons less than a person uses during a 10-minute shower. Plus, Xpress Car Wash reclaims 60% of water from each wash to be reused later.

Car Wash Memberships
Love Xpress Car Wash? Try out one of our monthly membership packages! We offer four monthly package options, perfect for anyone that wants to keep their vehicle clean, shiny and dry.