Dirt is Damaging

Apr 2, 2018

Did you know that dirt build-up on your vehicle does more harm than just grossing out your guests and passersby?
Find out why washing your vehicle is so important to the life and value of your vehicle below!
  • Dirt buildup wears down and weakens your paint like sand paper if left unwashed for too long.
  • Dirt buildup joins forces with the chemicals in rain, pollen and other pollutants to scratch away at your shiny paint job.
  • Bug remnants, bird poop and tree sap will damage your paint even faster than dirt and pollen if left unwashed. Given that we’re located in the South, this is a BIG DEAL because pine trees, birds and bugs are everywhere!
  • Bug remains may not always come all the way off with one wash, so it may be wise to invest in a $10 bottle of Goo Gone or Turtle Wax Bug and Tar Remover.
  • Dirt left unwashed for a long period on the undercarriage of your car can cause rusting and even mechanical damage. This means that the quick hose down in your driveway on the last sunny day did not quite to do the trick.

How Xpress Car Wash Can Help:

  • Starting at $9 for a single wash or $19 for a month of unlimited washes, Xpress Car Wash will clean those “hard to reach” areas of your vehicle with an underbody wash.
  • Tri-Color Foam is used in all but the Xpress Wash to help your car in a number of ways.
    • The Tri-Color Foam acts as a normal soap would, but also gives your paint finish an extra shine.
    • The foam also acts as a wax, giving your paint job some protection against water and other debris.
  • Our Xpress Everything and Xpress Platinum Washes also provide a clear coat and hot wax to protect against rain, pollen and other pollutants for a longer period.
  • Finally, the Xpress Platinum Wash uses a Slip Stream Protective Wax to provide paint protection from UV radiation and other environmental contaminants.

Call your local Xpress Wash with any questions about how protect your vehicle from everyday dirt and pollutant damage!