New Facts for the New Year

Jan 27, 2020

If 2019 didn’t wow you, we bet these facts will. Here are seven interesting facts about cars to remember in 2020:

A clean vehicle saves fuel.

Not only does a clean car look good, but it will also save you a little money at the gas pump. Dirt contributes to drag, which can increase fuel usage by up to 10%.

A clean car keeps you healthier.

Cars can get messy, and germs are usually lurking within messes, leading to illnesses. Most people keep their homes clean, but often forget about their vehicles. Regular cleaning of your car can help prevent illnesses, which (in turn) saves you money on medical bills.

Clean vehicles are more valuable.

If you keep your car clean and tidy, it might have a higher value than a filthy vehicle. Clean cars look nicer, and they usually sell quicker. According to Kelley Blue Book, a clean vehicle can sell for as much as $1,500 more than an unclean vehicle.

Some cars have never been washed.

Surprisingly, 16% of car owners admit that they have never washed their vehicle. A spotless, tidy car is not every car owner’s priority.

The cleanliness of your vehicle reflects back on you.

According to a study by White Glove Car Wash, one in four car owners believes that a car’s appearance reveals the owner’s personality and priorities. If your car is dirty, it reflects poorly on you.

Automatic car washes are better for the environment.

Automatic washes use up to 50% less water than washes done by hand, due to conservation efforts. Those facilities direct used water to treatment facilities or into state-approved drainage facilities. Xpress Car Wash actually reclaims 60% of the water from each wash to use later. Soap and road grime from at-home washes can end up in storm drains that flow into lakes, streams and rivers, polluting them.

Automatic car washes save time.

An automatic wash takes less than 10 minutes, compared to 45 to 60 minutes when done by hand.

The best way to take care of your vehicle(s) is to know more about it. Tell a friend an interesting fact about cars that you learned today! What’s your New Year’s resolution for 2020? If your goals involve keeping your vehicle clean, we can make reaching your goals a whole lot easier and affordable. Visit the memberships page to learn more about our monthly memberships, starting at just $19 with unlimited washes!