Benefits of Membership

Mar 11, 2020

How often do you wash your car? If the answer is more than once a month, it may be worth becoming a Wash Club member! By joining any of our unlimited car wash packages, you can get your car washed daily at any of our 7 convenient locations with no contracts. Your plan can be canceled at any time without penalty. Check out the price differences and how getting a membership could benefit you and your car!

Xpress Plus Wheels

Single Wash: $10

Monthly Membership: $19

An Xpress Plus Wheels membership includes everything from presoak to wheel and underbody cleaner, tri-color foam and free vacuums. This package has everything your car deserves without the extra additives for one low, monthly price.

Xpress Everything

Single Wash: $14

Monthly Membership: $26

Xpress Everything includes the same benefits as the Xpress Plus Wheels but with an added clear coat, hot wax and ice tire shine. You could treat your car to a few more perks per wash for only $7 more a month!

Two single Xpress Everything washes are $2 MORE than a Wash Club membership with unlimited washes! If you only wash your car twice a month, you would already be saving $2 just by joining a monthly membership. Monthly memberships are unlimited, meaning that you could save an estimated $400 just by becoming a member if you were to wash your car every day for one month!

Xpress Platinum

Single Wash: $18

Monthly Membership: $34

The Xpress Platinum package includes everything in the Xpress Everything membership but with the added luxury of lava shine. Lava shine is designed to give the ultimate shine and protection to a car’s surface. After one application of Magma Shine, your car will shine and have a smooth, lustrous feel. Your car will have the hand wax feel without all of the hard work. Xpress Platinum is our best-valued wash package!

Just like the Xpress Everything package, you already save $2 monthly if you were to only wash your car twice a month. So, why wouldn’t you join an Xpress Car Wash package? You receive the same benefits from a single wash, but you have unlimited access to as many washes as you want in a month, all while saving money! Who doesn’t love saving money AND a constantly clean car?