Clean Car Christmas

Dec 13, 2019

Do you know the importance of keeping your car clean? Many people do not realize that a filthy car can have damaging effects. Here are 5 reasons WHY you should keep your car clean:

Preserve your paint.

Although some people may think that maintaining a clean car isn’t necessary, your vehicle’s exterior may show otherwise. By cleaning your car regularly, you can help extend its life and, in turn, preserve its value for a longer period. If exposed to dirt or grime for too long, your car’s paint and metal could become damaged.

Prevent costly repairs.

As mentioned in the last point, a dirty complexion can ruin the idea of an appealing car by damaging its paint and body. While some of the damage is often repairable, some is irreversible, and it will likely require complete replacement. Repairs can be costly, and they decrease the overall value of the car.

Clean cars are safer.

Most vehicles have several blind spots, and a dirty car can reduce that visibility area even more. Every year, people are involved in accidents because of dirty windows negatively influencing their perception. You can reduce the odds of that happening to you by maintaining your car’s cleanliness.

A dirty interior can be unhealthy.

Keeping the interior of your car clean is just as important as the exterior, if not more. Cleaning the interior of a vehicle eliminates dust and harmful bacteria that can accumulate on steering wheels, upholstery and dashboards. If you wouldn’t live in dirty conditions, don’t drive in dirty conditions.

Having a clean car will make you proud.

How a person keeps their car says a lot about them. Not only does it look nice to others, it also gives you pride in knowing that you take care of the vehicle you worked so hard to earn. It has been scientifically proven that having a clean car makes you happier.
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