Why Cleaning Your Vehicle Is Important

Apr 24, 2020

Not only should you continue to wash your hands following the pandemic, but you should also continue to sanitize your belongings. Did you know that one of the most germ-infested items a person owns is their vehicle?

According to a study done by CarRentals.com (an Expedia group company), the average car is found to be over 2,000 times dirtier than a cellphone, with more than 200 infectious bacteria per inch. The same study also found that steering wheels are four times dirtier than a public toilet seat. Steering wheels are followed by cup holders, seat belts, the inside door handle, the gear shift and the audio volume knob on the dirtiness scale.

Failing to clean the inside of your car is not only damaging to your vehicle, but it?s also putting a strain on your health and immune system. The more often you clean your vehicle, the less likely you are to get sick or carry germs. If these statistics aren’t enough to make you want to clean your car thoroughly, think about how many times you touch your face or something you value after touching your car steering wheel or door handle!

For as low as $19 a month, you can receive unlimited washes AND the peace of mind from knowing that you are less likely to contract germs or weaken your immune system. We offer four car wash packages, all at low monthly prices that guarantee you won’t have to fret about those statistics again. We offer great features such as tricolor foam, hot wax, tire shine and free vacuums. We also give you the benefit of our easy-to-use Wash Club app that allows you to pull up and pull away without even having to roll down your window!


Source: https://www.carrentals.com/blog/driving-with-germs-study