What Happens If You Never Wash Your Vehicle

Jun 11, 2024

Washing your vehicle on a regular basis helps to keep it looking good. It also prevents the buildup of dirt and grime over time. While washing your car can help improve its appearance, there are many other underlying benefits to keeping your vehicle clean. Xpress Car Wash can help you maintain the cleanliness of your vehicle (outside and inside) with convenient washing services at great prices and free vacuums after every wash. This takes the hassle out of keeping your car clean. It gets you back on the road and to your destination with little interruption. What happens when you never wash your car? Let’s explore that further.


Will Not Washing A Vehicle Damage It?

Your car or truck is built to handle all sorts of road conditions while enduring the outdoor elements of sun, rain, dust and debris. While doing so, the buildup of dirt and grime (as well as other chemicals applied to the road or from other vehicles) can begin to detract from your vehicle’s overall appearance. If left untreated, it may begin to affect the overall performance of the vehicle.


Just like the regular vehicle maintenance of oil changes and tire rotations, washing your car or truck can help extend its life while maintaining its value and great appearance. The dirt and grime picked up from traveling on various roads begin to build up the more you drive. They can act as an abrasive to the surfaces they are on. The abrasive nature of dirt buildup begins to wear down those surfaces. This is especially evident on painted surfaces where the clear coat and paint of the vehicle is slowly abraded. It can eventually expose portions of your vehicle’s bare metal. Once exposed, it does not take long for corrosion to begin. The result is permanent unsightly rust spots that spoil the surface appearance of your vehicle.


Slowing Down Corrosion With Frequent Washes

Dirt and grime buildup can also retain moisture longer. This is especially evident in the undercarriage components that receive the most road abuse. The constant presence of dirt and moisture speeds up the corrosion cycle, causing undercarriage surfaces to become rusty and degrade quicker. The longer that dirt and debris are left untreated, the more difficult it becomes to remove. It slowly solidifies its place on your vehicle. Critical vehicle components (such as drive shafts, control arms and joints) may begin to fail prematurely. This will require more frequent replacement or maintenance, costing you more money in the long run.


Playing It Safe

When the exterior surface of your vehicle becomes dirty, it can also become a driving hazard for you and the motorists around you. Nighttime visibility can be affected when headlights slowly become covered with dirt and debris, degrading their effectiveness and visibility to other drivers. Rear brake lights and turn signals can also become more difficult to see by other motorists, reducing the amount of warning time they have to react or slow down. It makes your vehicle a hazard on the road.


How Frequently Should You Wash Your Vehicle?

Washing your car on a regular basis takes the worry out of possible damage or corrosion due to the effects of dirt and grime on vehicle surfaces. With Xpress Car Wash’s monthly membership packages, you never have to worry about timing your car wash. Come see us when your car begins to look dirty, when you are looking for that “just washed” look or any frequency you like. With our convenient memberships and high-tech wash facilities, you will be in and out in no time.


The Xpress Difference

Xpress Car Wash uses the latest in car-washing technology to ensure that your vehicle comes out looking pristine. Our soft-brush technology is gentle on your vehicle’s finish while effectively removing dirt and grime from every outer surface. Powerful pressure-washing heads give your vehicle a full 360-degree clean, getting in all of the hard-to-reach areas to remove dirt and debris from its undercarriage and wheel wells. The final step (Xpress’s Ice Tire Shine) makes your tires look as if they were just installed. When you are looking for a comprehensive vehicle cleaning, don’t accept anything less than Xpress Car Wash.