More than Just A Wash

Sep 29, 2020

Consistently getting your car washed not only maintains the cleanliness and buildup of dirt and grime, but you are also protecting your vehicle and prolonging its lifespan. When you leave Xpress Car Wash, we want your car to be more than just clean. We want it to also be protected. We utilize certain steps and tools to make sure your vehicle is supported in the best way possible.


We use Slipstream protection, which polishes, seals and protects your vehicle in one easy step for at least 60 days. This protects against damaging UV rays and road salt, while also effectively repelling dust and water. Slipstream is a film-forming process that cures your vehicle as it dries. It enhances, complements and protects your vehicle’s paint. When your vehicle comes in contact with rain, the rain will bead up and sheet off because of the Slipstream.


At Xpress Car Wash, we go deeper than just wash and shine. We use products that protect and prevent damage on your vehicle. Choose a car wash that not only wants you to have the cleanest car, but the least damaged car as well.