Keep Your Car Like New Always

Dec 12, 2018

Getting a new car for Christmas? Treat it like new…always! 

Everyone knows the feeling of getting a new car: the exhilaration of driving it off the lot, being extremely careful, and taking the best care of it. At first, you do your best to keep it in perfect condition. You keep it clean, wash it regularly, and always keep up with the maintenance. However, as the new car smell wears off, so might the care you give the car. First, you start leaving personal items in it. Next, you start leaving trash. Then, you let those regular oil changes slide, and you stop washing it as much. Here are some tips you can use to keep your car looking and feeling like new, always!

Clean it out every night.

It’s amazing how many small things can accumulate in your car when you don’t take those items inside with you at night.

Always keep wipes in your car.

If something spills, you can clean it up immediately.

Wash it regularly, both inside and out.

You likely maintain washing the outside of the car, but what about the inside? Keeping the dashboard, cup holders and seats clean leaves your car feeling shiny and new, always.

Vacuum monthly.

You’d be surprised how many different things can be trapped in the floorboards of your car over time. Those items not only soak up some of that new car smell, but they also hold on to other not-so-pleasant smells. Xpress Car Wash offers free vacuums with every car wash.

Take care of any maintenance that needs attention immediately.

From the smallest oil change to larger-ticket items, keeping up with repairs is one of the easiest ways to preserve the life of your car.