Weather in the South is so unpredictable. We never know if it’s going to be cold and rainy or warm and dry, snow on Monday and 70 degrees on Tuesday. Who can keep their car clean with weather like that?

That’s where Xpress Car Wash comes in. We offer a full range of car washes perfect for any car and any budget. PLUS we offer those same washes in our VIP Unlimited Wash Packages! Run your car through your favorite wash as often as you want for one monthly price! That’d really show the Southern weather who’s boss! Rain or shine, snow or love bugs, we have you covered!

How Does it Work? Simply download the Wash Club App on the App Store or Google Play, select your wash location, enter your vehicle information, select your wash package, and Voila! You’ve officially joined the most exclusive wash club in town! Having trouble getting started? No problem! Visit your local store or give us a call and we will get you set up! Happy Washing!